ericajiang604 said: Um, you there. I saw the post about Tae Yang. And really? His singing and dancing sucks? Let's see you do it better. You lil, jealous bitch. And I'm freaking sure if he's standing right in front of you, you'd be praising him. Muthafucka.



I used to be a hardcore Siwon Shipper until recently. No one will dislike this guy Siwon who has a perfect body. However, ever since I started attending Super Show, he becomes the last member I like. The way he kiss the members, hug the members,and claiming that the members are his, I started to distance myself from him. My love started to become dislike. I feel bad being like this but I can’t help but have a lot of doubts about him. Sometimes I hope that he is the one who is shooting shows instead of Kibum. P.s - I have nothing against him in fact I still loves all members. - I didn’t mention this to anyone knowing how much ELF protects SJ and how much I will be hate.

that’s not what shipping means.

if you knew what shipping meant you’d probably shit a Bible.



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Anonymous said: what's kr's tumblr?



K-Pop vs One Direction


There have been many arguments, many altercations, and many wars. A few of the most famous being SNSD vs 2NE1 and SJ vs Big Bang. However, I sense a war whose magnitude rivals both wars combined, its gravity making the other altercations seem like childish quarrels.

That’s right.

It’s K-Pop vs One Direction.

Let it begin.

N!S: I feel like there’s an unspoken hatred between the K-Pop fandom and the One Direction fandom.

S!B: I know of a few K-Poppers who like One Direction (even if they prefer the former).

When was there SJ vs Big Bang what.

What is One Direction.

Help I am old.

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I feel so pathetic


I have been into kpop for a while,I tried toget my friends into it but if they didn’t like it (none of them do..) I didn’t push, because well their opinion.

today an older guy I really admire and look up to took my ipod and started listening to my kpop music, he then turned to me and said ” you need to get a life and stop listening to this japanese s**t” nd it relly hurt me, I try not to get bothered but I really lost some of my respect for that guy because at least if my friends don’t like it they don’t voice it out in that way

s!b:he follows me                                                                      s!b: I feel so pathetic for losing my admiration of him over kpop

s!b: I have no-one to talk to it about because no-one in my school likes kpop

You didn’t lose your admiration of him over kpop, you lost it over his stupid racist comment.  Fuck that guy.

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Mom, I will not marry an Asian guy.


I was watching the 2012 European figure skating championships on TV with my mom and I said that I like this French skater, Florent Amodio. My mom laughed and said it was only because he looks like “my Asian” (cause yeah, they’re mine of course -_-) Seriously, WTF? The thought of him seems like an Asian never crossed my mind.

It is something that really irritates me. I don’t understand why everybody think I love Asian and only Asian because I listen to Kpop. I don’t like all Asian guys. I don’t only like Asian guys. I don’t like a guy just because he is Asian. How do I have to say it to make it clear? So I can’t love this boy of my class because he is Caucasian? It’s ridiculous. I tried my best to explained that no, Kpop is not the only thing in my life, and no, I don’t especially want to marry an Asian (unless I fall in love with a Asian of course, but for now it is not the case) but it does not work at all. I think the only way to make her understand would be to yell at her.

S!B: My relationship with my mom is enough awkward already, I don’t want to argue with her. And she knows my Tumblr so I can’t post this on it.

PS: After re-reading my post it may seem a little racist but it is absolutely not eh o.o

People seem to think that dating outside of your race means you have some kind of “thing” for whatever race that other person is.  Your attraction is like an odd fetish.

When whiteness is the template for all our beauty standards, desiring anything else is abnormal.  It isn’t, and shouldn’t been seen as such, as long as you yourself aren’t fetishizing a culture or race, which isn’t THAT uncommon in the Kpop community.  I don’t think it sounds like you are, from this post.

Nobody ever acts like someone has a “thing for white guys” because they’re a Justin Timberlake fan.

Date whoever you want and to hell with everyone else.


SNSD on Letterman.


I hope SNSD never goes on David Letterman’s show. I get the feeling that the media would eat them alive, especially with a terrible song like “The Boys”.

s!b: Everyone I’ve talked to seems really happy that SNSD is going to get more exposure in the US, and I don’t want to drag them down.

s!b2: This is an unpopular opinion.

omg i hope this too that would be terrible :(.